“Just wanted to say that I ordered this program and the ideas that the two of you share are amazing!”
– Michell Jonas, Phoenix
“I have taken some of your classes in L.A. and online, as well as over the phone. Your work is so blessed… I wish you and your family a continuous journey of happiness, as you have brought so much inspiration to us all.”
– Pam Simon, Los Angeles
“I bought your ‘Portable Lifestyle’ kit a while back and took your advice about setting up a virtual income on the Internet. I have spent several months building my website which has been a labor of love.”
– Martin Segal,
Cutting Edge Organics

Do You Want to Travel More?

With the Portable Lifestyle™ Primer, we’ll show you step-by-step how to live and work WHEREVER YOU WANT in just a few days!

We’re doing it right now! For the past 3 years, we’ve traveled the ENTIRE GLOBE, working and exploring the tropical spots we’ve always wanted to see.

We’ve seen our virtual income rise every month that we’ve been away.

We call our life The Portable Lifestyle™. And it’s something
YOU can enjoy too.

  • Live at vacation RESORTs and private villas ALL OVER THE WORLD as much of the year as you want (even full-time)
  • Set up income stream(s) that are VIRTUAL, that you can keep going ANYWHERE
  • Watch your income increase even as you travel
  • Travel and live less expensively than you would if you stayed home, believe it or not
  • You don’t have to pack much extra to run your business from afar
  • Make money without lifting a finger
So we developed an introduction to this life. It’s called The Portable Lifestyle™ Primer. It’s the fastest way to break out of a routine life, convert your income to virtual, put more dollars in your pocket and take off for the places you’ve always wanted to see.

At lightning speed, you can either start anew or alter your current business so you can have income on the road, begin virtualizing your moneymaking streams, let go of any fears or apprehension and put everything in motion to live your dream life!

Getting The Portable Lifestyle™ Primer will be your first step into the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Purchase it now to set a powerful intention toward your future.

Learn insider secrets and travel knowhow — We will tell you what you REALLY need to take and what is absolutely USELESS, which stuff that others recommend isn’t necessary and what you can’t live without on your trip. This list will surprise you! You can get by with FAR less than you think.

If we had had this information earlier, we would have changed our business and taken off YEARS AGO. And you can do it now much more easily than trying to figure it all out on your own.

If you had to start from scratch, you might never leave.

Here is just a small sample of some of the great things that you will learn in
The Portable Lifestyle™ Primer:

  • How to start a virtual business right now and have it up and running within a few weeks
  • Steps to turn your job into a flexible situation or consultancy that you can do from anywhere
  • Live the life you’ve always wanted to NOW
  • Take steps toward retirement while you’re already IN paradise even while you coalesce your internet income
  • No longer live life on the layaway plan where SOMEDAY you’ll visit here or there to find your perfect paradise. Step into your dreams immediately.
  • A ROADMAP for how to create your own Portable Lifestyle
  • Many extras that will lead you through this easy and quick process of changing your life
  • A step-by-step guide to what needs to be done before you take off
  • Many examples of people living this life and how they make it work
  • The single-most IMPORTANT thing that you can do to ensure a steady and increasing income flow, even while you globetrot!
  • We will save you literally YEARS of searching for resources, know-how and tips to get yourself going.
  • We reveal little-known ways of living a Five Star Lifestyle at a budget price
  • Short cuts. How to NOT reinvent the wheel but get going FAST!
  • Be ready to go within 3 months.

You don’t need an existing online business. You don’t need a technical background. You don’t even need to have any “big ideas” about what or how to sell online, because The Portable LifestylePrimer will brief you on ALL of these things: what is needed and how simple this process is WITHOUT A LOT OF TECHNICAL KNOW-HOW.

Live the simple life you’ve always dreamed of while doing everything you’ve ever wanted!

What the exclusive Portable Lifestyle Primer includes:

WORK BOOKLET: The Portable Lifestyle Manual

A STARTER MANUAL that apprises you of the basics you need, offers shortcuts for getting going right away and 3 INCOME TRACKS you can take that will lead you into this Lifestyle no matter where you are starting from with Step-by-Step Plans for each track. Whichever track you choose, you will get instructions on how to get going right away.

AUDIO COURSE #1: The Portable Lifestyle Foundation

On this CD-length audio, we’ll establish a valuable foundation for Your Portable Lifestyle. You’ll discover several powerful principles that will guide your entire life-changing adventure. You’ll learn several important, yet simple concepts that you can apply again and again to keep enriching your experience and expand your business even as you travel.

AUDIO COURSE #2: The Portable Lifestyle Virtual Income Course

On this CD-length audio, you’ll tap into the power of the Internet and get pointed toward what can work for you to make money as you go, no matter WHERE you’re starting. You will let go of any doubts you had that YOU can prosper in a virtual environment, even if you barely know how to use a computer.

Included is a hypnosis process that will help open up your inner guidance as to what manner of making money virtually can work for you – this process can be as valuable as a prohibitively-expensive private consultation with Kathryn and Jon.

You will learn how to make work so fun, that even when you’re on vacation, you’ll WANT to check in and keep up with business as you go.

You’ll open up to several different avenues you can use to up your income (which can come in handy in this economy even if you’re not planning to travel right away) whether you’re a full-time employee right now, an entrepreneur or a consultant.

AUDIO COURSE #3: The Portable Lifestyle FUN STUFF!

On this CD-length audio, you’ll learn powerful travel techniques that 95% of travelers don’t know exist. You will get your head around the idea that you can really afford year-round RESORT LIVING should you choose it. We will save you hours and hours of time by paring down what is needed and what you don’t need to travel. Since everything that exists started with an idea and imagining, we have included a guided meditation to stimulate your imagination and dissolve your blocks to living the life of your dreams. This audio will take you deeper. Much deeper.

And to get you started immediately, you’ll be taken to an MP3 and PDF download page after submitting your order or if you order the snail mail version (at additional cost), we will get it in the mail to you right away!

3 Reasons to Take This Step NOW


1. You can actually make MORE money while gone because many of your day-to-day concerns will be taken care of.

2. You will REGRET it if you don’t seize the moment and live your dream. This is it, your life, so live it the way you want to.

3. This information is not available anywhere else. We are early pioneers in the field, and if you are serious about stepping into this lifestyle, this PRIMER is a MUST!

You’ll Also Receive 2 Additional Bonuses!

Bonus #1:

101 Money-Making Ideas to Create Your Portable Life RIGHT NOW

Stumped with what you could possibly do to pull the plug on being tied down at home? Do you barely know how to use a computer? Need to know some new ways to bring in money?

We have helped everyone from a SECRETARY to a PLUMBER learn how they can take what they know and make money from it virtually OR just make money off of someone else’s products, which is also a possibility.

Even if you are now a full-time employee who feels very TIED DOWN to your job, there are ways you can convert your situation into a virtual job.

This list will jog your creativity and help you pinpoint the ways YOU can not only INCREASE YOUR INCOME but expand your WAYS of making money so you’ll Rise above the current economic crisis and diversify your financial support.

There are examples of how you can make money simply from Blogging, sending emails, assisting internet entrepreneurs or starting your own internet venture with NO CAPITAL and little internet programming.

Bonus #2:

Packing Checklist – What To Bring (what you will want and what you will need)

Plus those things that you’d be CRAZY to bring, what you’ll find on the road and what you’ll need that you can’t find

We will tell you what you REALLY need to take and what is absolutely USELESS, which stuff that others recommend isn’t necessary and what you CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT on your trip. This list will surprise you! You can get by with FAR less than you think

You don’t need much to run your business remotely. You can make money without lifting a finger

This list is an INVALUABLE tool to save you time and money as you prepare to take off.

You can start gathering things together NOW as you take your first trial runs (a process we recommend), and it’ll help to make this life feel REAL to you.

We have a few TRIED & TRUE GEMS that are surprising and that we wouldn’t leave home without as we live the Portable Lifestyle.

Here Is What You Get in Full:


  • The Portable Lifestyle™ Primer Resource Booklet
  • The Portable Lifestyle Foundation Audio Course
  • The Portable Lifestyle Virtual Income Audio Course
  • The Portable Lifestyle FUN STUFF! Audio Course
  • Bonus #1: 101 Money-Making Ideas to Create Your Portable Lifestyle
  • Bonus #2: Packing Checklist – What To Bring

All of this for only $99.95. That’s it. No hidden fees. No monthly fees. Nothing else to buy. Just $149.95 for everything you’ve read about on this web site.

All of this for only $149.95. That’s it. No hidden fees. No monthly fees. Nothing else to buy. Just $149.95 for everything you’ve read about on this web site.

Order The Portable Lifestyle™ Primer to get Started on Your Portable Lifestyle