“Just wanted to say that I ordered this program and the ideas that the two of you share are amazing!”
– Michell Jonas, Phoenix
“I have taken some of your classes in L.A. and online, as well as over the phone. Your work is so blessed… I wish you and your family a continuous journey of happiness, as you have brought so much inspiration to us all.”
– Pam Simon, Los Angeles
“I bought your ‘Portable Lifestyle’ kit a while back and took your advice about setting up a virtual income on the Internet. I have spent several months building my website which has been a labor of love.”
– Martin Segal,
Cutting Edge Organics

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What You Will Learn

  • 4 weeks to a substantial virtual income
  • Kathryn & Jon lead you hand-in-hand through every step of getting going
  • This course will pay for itself
  • We have been virtual since 2007, and are thanking our lucky stars through this pandemic
  • Take care of this now so you never have to worry that staying home will kill your finances
  • Lay in a side income or go full-time doing what you love virtually
  • You can also use this course to take something you already do virtual
  • We can help you create a virtual branch of your existing business for times like this when you are confined to your home. It’s easier to do than you can imagine!
  • Not only does establishing a virtual income make you recession-proof but it also gives you the freedom to go where you want, travel (once this is possible) or even go take care of an ailing relative. You become untethered
  • Even if you don’t know what you are going to do for virtual income, no worries. We’ll start there & help you firm up your plan and implement it

Extremely limited enrollment! We only have a few slots for this course & workgroup so we can give you individual attention, the help you need